Real-time flight tracking - on my iPad

Not wishing to teach people to ■■■■ eggs, but it’s something I’ve just discovered.

A little app that runs on the PC running MSFS. It gives you a call sign ID. Then on the website listed above, you can find that callsign (when you’re sitting in your plane) and it tracks your flight on a map. The best thing for me though, is that I don’t need a 2nd monitor - the website is available on my iPad.

Well I think it’s neat!

I was using this while Little Nav Map was not working due to Simconnect.

I will be going back to Little Nav Map though.

I’m using SimToolKitPro with no issues (knock on wood) as it also uses SimConnect. In any case, next week update is supposed to fix any issues with SimConnect so that’s good news.

Looks really good, I will try it. I needed a Moving map on my Ipad