Real time zones are not correct

Is the following problem already known? While flying in Greece and the Canary Islands, I don’t know if it is the same anywhere else, I noticed that the time zones do not match the real ones. Is the error already known?

Grettings Matt


Yep I submitted a bug to Zendesk for an Arizona time zone issue. There shouldn’t be any DST but it puts me in the MDT zone instead of MST.


In FS2020, PHNL is UTC –1100hrs. It should be –1000hrs. They observe no daylight savings time (and if they did, that would be pushing it up from –1000 to –0900… so –1100 doesn’t even make any sense, as to how they arrived at that.

PANC local time is now UTC –0800, as it should be (1 hour behind Pacific Daylight Time).

I’m not sure to what extent time zone local errors exist elsewhere in the game. This is the only one I’ve noticed so far. If there are others I’ll advise.

There are these errors in, for example Madeira in Portugal is 2 hours behind UTC time. actually it should be +1 utc. Greece has +2 utc but should be +3 utc

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