Real weather not applied

I just tried to start a flight from TAIPEI ICAO RCTP
From the settings it is evident that the actual weather I will find will not be good.

But as soon as the session was activated, the weather was completely different!

For real live weather you have to look at METAR before flight and then you can make the comparison.

Just for your information, there is a storm in Taipei right now

Next time just have a look at meteoblue website as well

Maybe you didn’t read my post well.
In picture one (see red arrow) the SIM clearly shows that there will be bad weather in Taipei so the SIM has received the right information from MeteoBlue.
On the other hand, when it shows the airport, those weather conditions are not applied.

I see the storm is not over you but a bit farther from you and that’s what it shows in the world map. I myself am not particularly a fan of MSFS weather engine but from what I understand it’s based on Meteoblue which is a forecasting service. So you may not see exact weather at the moment rather a forecast generated by Meteoblue, though I’m not sure about the exact offset duration.