Real World Pilots, please state your feedback about the flight model

That’s the one I have, plus the rudder pedals

Admittedly not everyone is ready to throw away that kind of money for single purpose game peripherals

It is extremely good though!


Zowiee! If I had that kind of money I’d be back in real planes, not at a desk! hah.

Tell me this tho, every time I’ve used an FFB aircraft control they put a bunch of weight on the roll and not enough on the pitch… Granted this was YEARS ago, but are companies getting smart about this… Ailerons relatively light, and pitch heavier with speed, etc…?

I am in real planes and MSFS has proven fantastic at recce’ing routes to new airports, circuits etc. Hence I sprang for the Brunner, as a gift to myself

You can model anything you like, the ffb axis settings are very detailed (through curves and scalars)
I have them setup very realistically

until the sim can properly depict a good model for Drag coefficients we wont have adverse yaw, without adverse yaw, we have ourselves a video game, sorry.

msfs doesnt require rudder inputs like x-cs does, (see what i did there lol)


I second that 100%! … this is why I spend 80% time on Xplane and only 20% on MFS2020 to enjoy the visual and other stuff with some reliable mod (now only GA Gravel Mod and the C152) but after a certain time I miss the turb in CB, I miss updraft/downdraft wind/turb via Active Sky etc… on MFS2020 I can’t stand to fly a light bird into a thunderstorm without any danger that are supposed to be linked to TS or other severe weather conditions that have to be avoided for the sake of safety… MFS2020 is still a game for sure with a wonderfull potential as it was already mentioned… I was optimistic from update to update but at the end I still need to fly on Xplane most of the time. No doubt. Wait and see.


Well I think when we fly a C152 or 172 or whatever, we should think that we fly a C152 MSFS Version. That means, as any new version of a plane it will behave a bit different than the previous version. That prevents you to wait for a certain behaviour and being disapointed that you don’t find it. For me that makes me happy to fly in the MSFS planes. In real life I used to have the Pipistrel Virus (not the SW model). It was a bit different than the one of MSFS and some things that I would really like don’t work (the air break for instance), but that’s ok it behaves quite ok and thinking that this is a brand new version makes it ok with me. In MSFS I also fly the Xcub and the TBM, as I have never flown them in real life, I am not expecting anything and think they are quite nice. I think most people make a fuss of not much (although for sure I want that it behaves quite realistic and the closest it is of real life the better of course) and I am sure this sim will be better and better

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OK, I confess. Before I went to CJ4 school for a left seat type rating last February, I used MSFS to get familiar with the jet. Although the MSFS CJ4 is a far more simplified model of the real CJ4, it is a very good reproduction especially with the Working Title Mod. The handling is very similar and it is a joy to fly in MSFS. I hope the MSFS community folks who keep improving it develop more of the aircraft’s systems and displays to make it, as real as it gets!


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