Real world traffic world map

I have been trying to make sense of the real world traffic which seems very hit and miss. Normally hardly anything about moving but I have had the odd flight where when I landed at a major airport there were around 4 planes moving. Today I have tried changing servers as suggested in other posts and have noticed sometimes there will be more aircraft on the world map but then they just disappear and I am left with just the odd plane. Anyone else experienced this ? I hope they fix real time traffic as for me it is one of the big selling points as I like the immersion of busy airports and skies.

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Yes, totally the same experience. Report to Zendesk, as many of us have already in the hope to get it fixed…


Yes I have reported it and also the fact that ai traffic also does not work (for me anyway).


Same here :frowning:

I don’t use online A.I. Traffic, but I’ve not had too much luck with offline A.I. Traffic, either - despite having my slider all the way up to 100%. It is there, but you have to wait around in one location for the A.I. to wake up and start doing its thing - and even then it’s painfully slow and intermittent. There are long moments when there’s no activity at all.

Comparing this to something like Traffic Global (despite the name, it’s all A.I. generated traffic) in X-Plane is like night and day. Traffic Global gets real busy, real fast (sometimes too busy) with A.I. planes arriving, departing taxi-ing, etc within a few minutes of starting at even a moderate-sized airport.

Definitely needs retooling in MSFS 2020 to become even halfway believable.


Out of curiosity was traffic working in Alpha/Beta ?

Have you tried the Traffic Global GA update yet? If you thought it was busy before…


Yep - absolute madness now! :rofl: I would still rather see busy airports than lifeless zombie airports, though!


Personnnaly I experienced the real world time flights in MSFS is fairly realistic.
I compared with online flight radar 24 flights and it matchest.
I could see the real traffic moving in MSFS but it’s just delayed by few minutes and uses generic liveries.
I think some of you are confusing A.I , Real world traffic and others simmers planes. those are 3 different features… Check !!

Yes same issue here, changed servers from US to Europe and barely any traffic. They will get around to it once they fix the stability and installation issues. They might be working on it like they’re working on fixing the live weather as we speak.

yes I also check flightaware and flightradar24. Not as busy as it should though. I took off from Doha and compared the apps. Only 2 planes were in the sim while at and around Doha real time were about 10 around the airport, whether took off from OTHH or passing by around the area.

Yes, much more busy during alpha and beta

it would be great if a third party like traffic global could provide AI models and liveries that could then be mapped to the live ai traffic.


Better still if Traffic Global ported over to MSFS 2020. At least we might then get some actual offline A.I. traffic! I can’t imagine Asobo are going to prioritise this issue over the million-and-one other bugs and fixes they now have to sort out. I can vouch for a fact that Traffic Global works as advertised (often a little too well!) in X-Plane.

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That is interesting, I wonder if they have restricted it in some way whilst other issues are sorted

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That is very possible

There was some maintenance on the live weather and live traffic servers earlier and I have noticed a greater number of aircraft in the air. Still not much on the ground/taxiing etc. I had a Ryanair flight taxi after me at Manchester but it was modelled as a GA aircraft. I also had a Ryanair flight land after me at Geneva but it disappeared as it turned off the runway. Still not masses of traffic in the air but looks like something has changed.

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