Realism Flight Mechanics - Critical Controls and Decisions with Consequences

I was watching a video detailing the start up procedure of the Cessna 152. There was a lot of negative comments sounding the fact that none of that mattered because you could get off the ground without do so. I understand the arcade mindset/preference for those that do not want to get overly involved, however is there a game mode that accounts for start up procedures and the other many critical dynamics that take place during a flight? I get that much is already implemented, but I would love it if I could not get off the ground unless I follow start up procedures correctly.

Does Xplane 11 account for such things?

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My thoughts are that how someone else uses software is of no concern to me unless it directly affects how I can use it myself.

And no, X-Plane doesn’t stop people not using ‘proper’ startup procedures etc. It provides shortcuts to do so.

Thank you kind sir.

Currently the best small Cessna for sims is C-172 add-on from A2A for Prepar3D V5. IMHO. This is in terms of aerodynamic (the only 172 on add-on market that really spins) and “firmware” realisation. The default C-172 an X-plane is not bad, but its aerodynamic is not good enough. MSFS provides you with good scenery and wind effects. Aerodynamic and “firmware” is still developing.


Very Helpful. I’ll be sure to look into that add-on. This information is exactly what I need to hear. A+ :+1:t2:

I think you also need to bear there are parhaps/arguably (and broadly) two aspects…

  1. Things that may be necessary in order for something to happen. e.g. depending on various conditions/variables it may be necessary to prime a GA aircraft engine in order for it to start.
  2. Equally there are things that would be regarded as procedural (or good practise) for safe flight, e.g. using the appropriate flap setting for take-off.

However, that said things that really come under point 1. do not tend to be available in default aircraft and likewise the consequences of point 2. are perhaps of less consequence.
It is likely we will need to wait for third party developers to produce detailed/study-level aircraft to attain this level of immersion.

Yes. I am beginning to see the value in some of the aircraft addons with regard to those more serious about flight simulation/realism. Last night I got my head around how the addons work with a couple of airport purchases.

I’ll just role play what I can learn for now. I’ve found a couple of Youtubers detailing start up procedures and talking a little bit about what you have just mentioned. My next purchase will be similar to the trainer aircraft mention by CommonBloom31.

Yes, however, read more reports and watch some videos about your future addons and real planes they simulate. Good luck.

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As CommonBloom31 has already touched on, check-out aircraft A2A currently produce for P3D they have exceptional depth and persistent wear. There are a number of videos either on their website or YouTube - well worth spending sometime watching these to understand how much depth they provide.

A2A have stated they will be developing aircraft for MSFS and will definitely be worth the wait. I have been using their aircraft in FSX/P3D for years, they really are at a level of their own. :+1:t2:

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