Realistic Ceiling and Visibility adjustments are a must

Currently no functionality exists to adjust visibility or accurately depict cloud ceilings. When you put a cloud layer on the ground for example you still have several miles visibility. I know that this may be a challenge with the new weather model, but the ability to put specific ceilings and visibility in place are essential for any kind of IFR realism. As of now it is impossible to shoot an approach to minimums and not break out. PLEASE bring back this functionality in an update or allow a third party to create an add on that does.

Hi @WrierTurnip4145, thanks for posting this, and welcome to the forums. I 100% agree, and this is probably my biggest wishlist item. To prevent votes from being split, please make sure to go to this pre-existing topic and hit the vote button there. Here is one with approximately 100 votes: