Realistic Propeller Effects (flight model)

I feel like this should have a higher priority. Post currently sits at 311 votes and is not included in the snapshot. Does this mean that the developers aren’t looking into it?

No, the voting system is one of the many methods the developers use to collect user feedback.

This request last appeared on the Feedback Snapshot earlier last month.

Okay thanks. It’s likely that they are aware of it, but it probably won’t be a priority.

Nothing new I guess…

I cant agree more!! props need a major overhaul!

Wad hoping with SU8 that they would introduce prop-feathering. But no I still have to MANUALLY feather the props. I STILL cant bind it to my Honeycomb Bravo. Even the MOST BASIC sim can bind the prop feather command to a joystick. Not MSFS

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Still can’t bind to Honeycomb at SU10. The Baron is still a mess, should have been a “Premium” aircraft. How can we get a little traction on this?

My last information is that they did found the bug well its not really a bug now is it. But they are working on it and earliest we might see it implemented is SU11. But I am not holding my breath on that. In the mean time I am using for these missing functions

Anyone know if fixing propeller effects is still on the development radar? I flew MSFS today for the first time since September and was surprised how bad the C152 ground handling was. Live weather had 3 (yes three) knots of wind at about 30 degrees to the runway (so ~1.5 knot crosswind) and I was having to step on left rudder to maintain runway centreline, then I didn’t need any rudder at all once climbing out, to keep the ball centred. Neither of those are reasonable behavior. (Auto rudder is off and I have Thrustmaster TPR pedals.)

From what I remember from a year or so ago, one used to at least need right rudder to keep the ball centred during climbs. Why was that removed?