Realistic Twilight

This was taken at civil twilight, I believe it should be much brighter with little to no stars visible.

I would guess you don’t see stars because it is overcast? I can clearly see clouds there. If there are no other light sources present, except the sun on the horizon, that’s what I would expect to see.

Try a shot at the same place, and time with clear weather.

Looks fine to me. I took shots at that airport at both 0530 and 1930, some stars visible and if I needed to walk around without a flashlight I could.

Added some clouds in at 0530, definitely darker, but nothing I wouldn’t expect base on shot without clouds.

Has anyone actually been outside during their local civil twilight? No way is it that dark, clear or overcast.

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I suggest calibrating your monitor properly and see if that “solves” it for you. Fine for me using a hardware colorimeter.

Agree. And too purple

Maybe it’s just my monitor and eyes, but compare the brightness of this live cam with the sim:

New York 06:30 am, November 22

Also you might check your windows settings and calibrate. Type “calibrate display color” in your windows search box lower left of the task bar, and it will walk you through. It mainly checks your gamma setting and adjusts them.

Checked calibration and it looks fine. I don’t see how that would explain the brightness difference between the live cam and sim anyway.

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Try turning camera away from the direction of sun. There’s a bug turning the exposure down too much when looking towards the sun even when the sun is occluded and shouldn’t “blind the camera”

Compare the ground brightness and the instrument panel. Sun shouldn’t be blinding through 20,000 ft of clouds nor slightly under the horizon…

If you are bothered by the dark, just leave a light on!


Another comparison:

Barcelona 17:45, November 22 (civil twilight 17:26 - 17:56)

Darker in the other direction:

It’s as if the atmosphere is too thin and not illuminating the surroundings, causing early darkness (and less time to spot those unlit airports).

A simple test would be to look outside and compare current light levels with your nearest airport in the sim.

Not a big bother, just find it unrealistic.

That would be the best for sure, since most of those webcams have autoexposure usually brightening the scene more than the human eye would.

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Great, let me know what you find.

It is too dark. Outside is much brighter, even this time of year in the UK.

Any hint of cloud in the sky in FS2020 brings on nightfall.

Another thing to add to the list I guess.


Thank you, I thought I was going crazy.

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Agreed, too dark BUT I also find that when it should be totally dark it is too LIGHT in the sim. Take like 2200 on the west coast of the USA. There is always some light on the horizon that is not realistic. If you fly at night, it is pretty â– â– â– â–  dark away from cities.