Really, really slow loading of the sim

Hello! =)

Is it just me or does the sim take ages to load after the update? (not just right after the update, but every time now) Not sure whats going on…(PC, fast fiber, No HW problems)

You might have corrupted installation after update, here nothing slow at all.

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This was a significant issue during the SU13 Beta. As I recall, there were multiple third-party add-on’s that seemed to cause the issue. I don’t think it’s been nearly the issue since the release version came out, but I do remember seeing at least one other person with the issue since release. So still not fully resolved in the release version.
You might get redirected to that thread (or search for it) and see if they’ve further identified the causes of this issue.

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How to know if I do without reinstalling? Is there a file verify option like in Steam?

Ok. I did not try the beta. But its much longer loading times than before SU13. Might be an upcoming fix then? =)

I don’t know if they’ll put out a quick fix unless it’s something they can do on the server side, but maybe with the next WU later this month. They might just be able to identify a workaround for now. If it weren’t such a mega thread, I’d recommend looking at the SU release comments thread. But it’s pretty big at this point. You might find something if you did a search in that thread. I’ll try to take a look at it later if I can get around some commitments.

Hi there, I just thought that I would mention not to use the Verifying Option in Steam…It would uninstall all your files if you did so…I don’t have the Steam version, but that’s what I have heard…

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Im not using steam, but this info migh thelp others. =)

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Just FYI, this was the thread discussing this issue:

Unfortunately, that thread was closed as “fixed on live”. Apparently not for everyone.

Because I was hunting a CTD cause this Sunday, I took out everything from my Community folder including AIG and GAIST, and my sim loaded in less than two minutes. When AIG and GAIST are in there, my loading times are up to four to five minutes.

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Are you on Xbox or PC?

Do you have content that you have purchased on the Marketplace?

Not sure what AIG and GAIST are, really.

Alpha India Group AI traffic (AIG), Global Artificial Intelligence Shipping Traffic (GAIST). So it means you don’t have them!.. Hence this is not your problem.

Correct. There nothing fancy in my community folder. The PMDG 737 is the heaviest mod there I guess.