Really stupid question, but where are the DLSS settings?

To my understanding, Update 5 has implemented Nvidia’s DLSS feature.
I’ve updated the graphics drivers to the latest version, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to turn on DLSS. I don’t see any option in the graphics settings. And I cannot find any topics explaining how to enable it either. I’m using an RTX 2060 Super. Driver date August 5th 2021.

For sure I must be overlooking something entirely. Can anyone tell where to find these settings?

DLSS has not been implemented, unfortunately. (Where was it said otherwise?)

I don’t think the devs have seen that it can be useful, unfortunately. In one if not two dev Q&As they answered that the sim already has TAA upscaling, which is really a non-answer.


Oh that explains it then!
I recall seeing a couple videos that claimed this would be included in Update 5. There was at least one doing side by side comparisons on performance. But perhaps I’ve mistaken it for DLSS. He was reporting massive performance boosts, hence my assumption. Thanks for clearing that up!