Are people really buying this SIM and doing all their flying on externals with HUD?
So many vids from this perspective. What a waste of money IMHO.

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People use this amazing software how they want. The simple elegance of that concept is clearly lost on you. You go ahead and use it how you want, but don’t berate others for not doing as you do.

Asobo have always been very clear that they designed this virtual world for everyone to enjoy, however they choose to go about it. The fact that technically-minded flight simmers and curious virtual tourists alike can get something meaningful and immersive from MSFS 2020 is a testament to their astounding achievement.


It`s the best perspective to make a video of the amazing scenery. For “technical” videos, cockpit views are better. So, what?

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Really? What’s your point? For every video that uses external view to show the scenery, there’s a video entirely made in the cockpit. I just watched a video in which a real A320 pilot explain how the autopilot works ingame… So…

Ok, fair comments guys, im old and cranky :hugs: