REALSIMGEAR Crashes Game at Start Up

REALSIMGEAR Crashes Game at Start Up. Have to delete it from the community folder in order for msfs 2020 to work.

I expected this to be something RSG would have to fix but after doing some research it looks like they are waiting on a MSFS patch to fix it

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Please see this thread and vote (same CTD cause)

Wrong reply

Same here on my PC

Its an RSG issue running the latest and tested another version from them and they both crash the sim so had to remove it for now. I’ll just go back to flying XP till they fix it.

Same here. I contacted RSG directly and they told me that they are waiting for another update from Microsoft to fix the issue!!!

Updated with the new hotfix for MSFS 1.15.8 and then put back the RSG folder back in the community folders and started FS and all up and running again. Make sure you’re running RSG software as that is what I have. Not sure if older versions will work or not.