Recommend Steam gauge large/medium size passenger/cargo aircrafts?

Looking for aircraft that are large/medium size like the bae 146 and are high quality(lot of toy freeware out there) and have steam guage cockpits. Aircraft from older era. i have been enjoying the beechcraft king air 350 from black square and the bae 146 from just flight but want something large like a large steam gauge jet.

The dc-6 is nice but i have a love hate relationship with it idk why.

Just Flight’s F28 is really good - other than the ones you mentioned, it’s probably the closest thing we have to a high-quality, legacy, truly steam-gauge airliner.

I’ve heard good things about the MD-80 which is kinda steam-gauge.

Still waiting for a 707, 727, 737 classic, DC-8, DC-9, and DC-10

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I too would love to see all of the planes you listed.

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Concorde is steam gauge. I’d be flying it more often but I’m not a fan of the hard landings. It’s due for an update soon.

Just be aware that it’s very hard on your system. I had to lower the quality settings of my 5800X3D / 3090 Ti system significantly to get decent fps and latency.

It is a very cool aircraft, though.

my 1650ti laptop wont run it well i guess then :confused:

I’m guessing not. Maybe it will work OK in FS2024?

It sounds like you’d enjoy the MD-82. It’s not truly a steam gauge airliner, but you use classic clock-style gauges for speed and altitude—not tapes.

i agree,infact i did enjoy flying it a lot in x-plane 11, years before msfs came out. i think the md-82 in msfs is broken af.

The oncoming iniBuilds A300 will probably be the best of two worlds, a few steam gauges and a few nice LCD screens (with beautyful flickering).

oh,plus big and fast too compared to other steam guagers would be fun to fly long distance