Recommend the best companion apps to use alongside MSFS2020

Any app other than ForeFlight display AHRS from MSFS2020?

Talking about info like this?

This is from SimToolkitPro!

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And this is what it looks like in Little NavMap.

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More like this:

That’s Foreflight Pro Plus $199.99/year. Unfortunately I don’t think we have a free or cheaper all-in-one alternative to this.

I don’t have the latest tablets so I don’t really know how split screen currently works, but if you can have any two apps running side by side, then it’s possible to achieve similar results to Foreflight using free apps.

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I use ForeFlight Pro Plus, but may not renew my subscription while my airplane is being repaired. It would be good to find a similar free alternative.

You probably know Xavion? In case you need something for your real flights cheaper and (imo) better than Foreflight. It’s made by Austin Meyer, the X-Plane guy.

If only he supported MSFS I’d ditch every other app I use, but that will probably never happen.

I don’t, but I’ll check it out. Thanks!

did i missed this one on the list?

i’m using two ipads since yesterday with it and it works perfectly for me. seems to be free of charge at the moment, too.

Is it ad free or do you need the subscription option?

I use spacedesk with an old Android tablet to control de G3000 GTC, it’s pretty handy. spacedesk does not support drag gestures at the moment but other than that it’s solid for a free app.

free from ads because they seem to charge 20 bucks normally.

I got it for free last week from the app store on my iPad.

I couldn’t get splashtop to work. Only showed a blank desktop. I have 2 monitors.

don’t know if i’m getting you right here but yea, it just shows an empty desktop for so long until you put something on it.

It is not a good solution at all… The frame rate is drastically reduced when rendering the two panels twice for the iPad used as secondary monitors. Simionic G1000 runs the software on the iPad an transfer the command to the sim via simconnect witch means it won’t impact your frame rate. In addition, at this current stage you can’t bind the FMS knob which is a pain … to adjust with the mouse… on the other end simionic provide the hardware bazel if you can afford it!

Yes, I have the same issue using Duet and an iPad. It causes a lot of latency here.

I’m thinking about buying an actual touch screen monitor, I wonder if that would be better since moving the Garmin to an actual display works flawless here.

Just wait for the new patch coming in few days! It’s a Microsoft issue not related to duet or iPad. It is a poor optimised code running the avionics. It is rendered twice per instrument (PFD and MFD)

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I have a nice 22" touch screen monitor and MSFS does not support the touch part of it.
The controls tab sees another input device, but you cannot map anything there.
I can drag pop-outs to it, but cannot select them or manage them with touch.
Until the MSFS software interface understands touch, it’s kind of moot.

Just my $.02.
(unless someone corrects me)



I actually went ahead and ordered one before reading your posts lol Until MS fixes this, I will use it for Navigraph and Foreflight. Doesn’t hurt, does it? :slight_smile:

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You’re right. Problem is that simconnect is missing variables previously (FSX) used for mapping Garmin 1000 knobs and buttons. Once Microsoft fully implement the simconnect protocol then it will be easy to map the G1000 to hardware buttons or rotary encoders (arduino)