Recommend VR for me plz!

hello every one , I’m new to VR and i wanna buy one , so any recommendation ? i have ps4 and PC so is there any VR working on both ? my major priority on pc for msfs.

There is no VR headset that works on both PS4 as well as PC. What are the specs of your PC?

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I don’t think you can get a headset that can work in both (it is possible with the PSVR I think but the quality is sh1t)

I would say:

If you can spend more than 500€ go for the HP Reverb G2, best quality, full stop.

If you want to spend less than 500€ go for the Oculus Quest 2, best bang for the buck, incredible quality for 349€.

You have other options, but after a lot of research this is (imo) without a doubt the decission you have to make.

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Unfortunately, I can’t recommend the best headset, but I can offer a warning that if you’re not a fan of Facebook, avoid Oculus. As of October, all new Oculus users are required to have a Facebook account. As of January 2023, this will apply to all Oculus users, with standalone Oculus accounts being discontinued.

Probably not a big deal for many, but many others are dead-set against Facebook, so it’s worth mentioning.

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thx to all replys … i appreciate it.

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Oculus Rift S is great for PC. It may even be on sale right now too (not sure of the dates). Yeah, the required Facebook thing is a PITA, but if you need to just create a ghost Facebook account to use Rift S it would still be worth it. Just don’t post anything or use it other than for signing in to Oculus if you want. If you already have a FB account you’re set.

I have had the Rift S for about 14 months, and had the Rift CV1 before that since it was released. I have always been very impressed with the resolution of the Rift S, and with software built in to the hardware and in games such as MSFS the resolution can be increased above the default just fine. Performance is good, comfort is good. Support from Oculus is very good. I actually had an issue with my first CV1 and my first Rift S, and both were totally replaced with free return shipping included.

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