Recommendation for Performance Tuning

I would like to recommend that a performance tuning program be developed that is similar to the Steam VR benchmark in that it tests your system, and then either makes recommendations for the optimum setups in FS2020, or makes them for you. Such a program would run CPU, GPU, Drive, and RAM tests to determine (A) can your PC even run FS2020, and (B) if so, what would be the optimum settings for doing so. Alternately, FS2020 could be enhanced to make these tests during setup, and automatically “tune” FS2020 to your system.

Thank you for considering.

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When I launched FS2020 for the first time, it did exactly that, so what you are asking must already have been implemented.

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That’s terrific! Glad to hear it. Do you happen to know if it can be run standalone to determine if a given PC is “worthy”? Mine is a home-built “game” machine I built for running flight sims in VR, but I’d like to know what their “benchmark/test” program thinks.

MS/Asosbo (like other flight sims) do not provide a separate app with which you can test your PC for performance. I assume we are both old enough to question ‘recommend Pc configurations’ :wink:so I see where you are coming from. With x-plane for example, you can download a trial version to get an idea (perhaps), with FS you can get a 1$/euro test period at MSstore. Asking if my Pc is good enough is IMO asking how long a piece of string is. Its also a budget and preference question. YT videos are also not necessarily a guide. I can only suggest that you post your PC configuration very detailed here and get feedback from many users. Performance for VR can currently not be determined.

I agree with everything you said. I have used a program called “Performance Test” for a couple of decades to test the PC’s I upgrade/build. As you say, the only real test is to run it. But I found the benchmark from Steam called VR Benchmark very useful when upgrading this PC to handle VR a few years back. If I can get decent “medium” performance I will be satisfied. Otherwise I will purchase a new PC as I won’t let FS2020 pass me by. Been flying Full-Scale and R/C Sims since late 80’s.

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OTH, FS 2020 seems like a “big data” problem. With a set of recommended canned settings such as comes in the program (HIGH, ULTRA, etc.) and a recommended test flight plan or robotic set of tests, one could get a desired output Y variable, which seems to be FPS. Then you could know if you fall on the same spot on the data curve as everyone else with similar equipment or you are an outlier and there is something about your PC that needs attention. And relative to desired FPS, most people just seem to be flying by the seat of their pants and judging by what they see displayed on the screen in DEV mode - the program could have built in logging and statistics on what sort of output one is getting on a test flight done according to a flight plan done on autopilot all the way (if that were possible) and a test aircraft or two (but maybe flight plans and autopilot are broken or not yet optimized?). Right now there is no standardization so if someone says that “I did X, Y, and Z and now my FPS is perfect!,” it’s hard to know if it might make any difference relative to the equipment one has and one’s desired graphic settings and the type of flying the recommender was doing. Microsoft/Asobo presumably already has some big data from the alpha/beta testers but that is undoubtedly not REALLY big data. So it would be great if there were a way of generating “big data” - it might help Microsoft improve the program and it might help the individual user know which dimensions he/she can best move along a multi-dimensional gradient to improve the performance for his/her machine, e.g., relative to the comment that the initial launch startup recommendation - that’s based on limited tester data, presumably, and, AFAIK, it doesn’t tell you why it came up with that recommendation and what about your existing rig is limiting you - although I guess according to the recommended equipment for various levels of performance, most people should already have at least a clue.

I’m a complete newbie but it’s funny to see so many people “winging” it <pun intended> Microsoft preaches the power of big data (i.e., you see things with really, really large datasets that you don’t see with garden variety size datasets, etc.) - maybe they should use that philosophy to better improve FS and also to allow users to optimize their own experience as efficiently and as economically as possible or realize that they need to buy a new machine or a new piece of equipment rather than relying on anecdotal reports in the forum - but maybe that’s what flight sim is all about - wandering around in a forest of anecdotes? :slightly_smiling_face: - and maybe that’s part of the fun of it - a big jigsaw puzzle to try to put together by yourself or as a community project.

P.S. A standardized test would also provide feedback from all users as FS 2020 is updated in major ways or as new GPU’s, etc., become available - one could see how FPS (or any other variable) moved in a multidimensional way for one’s self vs. “everyone else.” Like given your rig, how much would replacing your current GPU with an RTX 30… up your FPS? If big data analysis would give me a relatively reliable figure, I’d rather go by that than a bunch of anecdotal reports.

Thanks for the extra info. My added opinion is that after Asosbo/MS have already announced FS2020 will have VR capability, and in view of the fact they are using Steam as a retail channel, they must know how reputation damaging it would be if it did not work satisfactorily with VR. However, your willingness to buy a new PC says it all - and in view of the pending AMD Zen 3 & Nvidia 3003/ AMD Big Navi - please join the queue behind me :grin: Happy flying