I was wondering if you have any recommendations on places to visit.

Could be views, airports, interesting spots and places.

Anything goes.

Thanks ahead for your recommendations

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Flying into KLRU Las Cruces International Airport at sunrise from the east is breathtaking.

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Himalayas are perfect place for trip, start on Lukla airport and try DA62 to do nice flight around Lhoce, Everest and Makalu. DA62 is capable to 20000ft but flight can be done, landing after return is then trick. I expect little bit knowledge about peaks mentioned but no problem.

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Thank you for those recommendations,

Himalaya has been on my bucketlist anyway, though i want to learn more about control of the plane before i head into that adventure :slightly_smiling_face:

As for KLRU i’m eager to try it soon , took a quick look on Gmaps at work today. Looks like a very interesting place