Recommended settings help

I have an hp omen running a Radeon tx 580 graphics card. What are the best settings for graphics at 30fps. Can I get near high or ultra ??

Probably High. Ultra may struggle in some detailed areas. I have the GTX 1070 8GB and same thing. Ran better in High than Ultra High (a lot of FPS drop and stutter).

Here’s what I did .

My Potato Computer Spec:

  • Intel i5-4670K
  • Radeon RX 580 8GB
  • RAM 8GB
  • SSD 1TB
  • 150mbps

Installed through Microsoft Store. Display HDMI and 1080p output on single monitor. Did not expect it to run very well but was pleasantly surprised.


So already put in 5-10 hours of playtime on the game. Initial download was pretty seamless. Got the premium version and it contained all the airplanes from the get go. Upon first loading it up it recommended Medium settings which I accepted and then tweaked as needed due to terrible frame rates (10-20 FPS). Used New York City as my baseline with the developer tools enabled to see FPS and what is hardware limited. Saw it was mostly CPU limited. Below is what I changed from recommenced medium settings based on guides and other peoples recommendations:

  • both terrain and objects LOD details set to 50 (don’t remember if it defaults to this on medium or not)
  • disabled VFR map from top of tool bar
  • grass and bushes to low
  • turned off AI traffic and all cars/boats
  • turned off v-sync
  • turned off aircraft hints (FPS seemed to stutter whenever one displayed)
  • weather clear skies or some clouds


Good Stuff

Can use pretty much any prop plane to fly between buildings in NYC with frame rate 25-35FPS in cockpit and 30-40FPS in outside view. Once you climb a few thousand feet above the city the FPS jumps to about 50. Still some stuttering here and there but I’m 95% happy with it. Pretty balanced between CPU vs GPU limited (bounces back and forth every second or so).

Visuals look good, really good coming from FSX. And it’s amazing you can just pick a spot and go.

Potato Stuff

The big jets (747 and Airbus) drop the FPS down to 10-20 and it becomes almost unplayable with lots of skipping. Hopefully in time it can be better optimized. The only exception is the landing challenges where FPS is weirdly back up to 25-35 FPS.

Big storms and clouds drop the frame rate by 5 or 10 FPS.

Loading times are longer than anticipated but completely understandable.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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I’m going to try your settings. I have a potato CPU, but good specs otherwise.

AMD A10-5800k

Let me know how it works for you. Still takes a couple minutes to load all the scenery once you in the plane.