Recommended small jet for a longtime GA prop pilot


Think I am ready to transition from the 172, Baron and the likes to a small jet. i note we have CJ4 and Longitude. What would be a good one to fire up?


CJ4 with the working title mod works great


If you really want small, I think there’s an L-39 available. Personally, I’m waiting for the HondaJet that’s in development.

CJ4 is in better shape as long as you use the Working Title mod.


At this moment CJ4 (Working Title) looks a bit closer to the real bird, there are plenty of materials, videos. Her FMS looks more like those from for big jets. From the other side… the Longitude is flyable (just maybe there are a few issues after the last update), is more modern, flies higher, longer, has reverse thrust, autothrottle…


I love the look and operation of the Longitude, but it’s really a horrid implementation by Asobo. The improvement mod helps somewhat, but it’s limited as to what it can do due to the plane being DLC locked.

Don’t use the CJ4 without the mod. The stock CJ4 is pretty bad to say the least. When it comes to business jets in MSFS, the WT CJ4 is king atm. The biggest hurdle is learning to use the Proline 21 system when you’re accustomed to Garmin units. It’s a different beast, that’s for sure. There’s definitely a learning curve there, but it’s well worth the effort IMHO. There are a bunch of videos on YouTube that will help you out there. And once you get it, it makes perfect sense.

And once you learn to use the Proline 21, you’ll find it much easier to learn the Airbus and Boeing systems, as they’re very similar. They have their own unique systems and methodologies, but it’s similar to learning to use a Garmin. Once you know how to use one, you get the idea of how it works and you can typically figure out a new Garmin unit you haven’t previously used fairly quickly.

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If you’d like, you could also use the TBM as a stepping stone. It’s faster, flies higher, more complex, and is a bit closer to a business jet than a C208 or the Baron is. But still not too complex or hard to land.

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Is the payware Bede from the Marketplace any good?

+1 CJ4 with WT.

Is a good step to a Bombardier or Airbus A320.

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Thanks for that!! I’d like a HondaJet also. They are built here in NC not far from where I live. Slightly off subject but where can I find approach charts for the UK, Europe, etc? I use Garmin FltPlan Go for north america, its free and quite complete. But they don’t have Europe included, as yet, anyhow.

Unless you really want a jet, I also suggest the TBM as stepping stone. More systems to manage, higher workload, faster speeds on landing, etc. And I haven’t checked recently but the included MSFS business jets I found pretty disappointing. TBM with the Mugz & G1000 Mod is slick.

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You must be close to me! I’m in Greensboro almost directly under the 23L approach path.

Look no further than the WT CJ4 mod. It’s quite accurate - suitable for online flight as well.

There are tons of tutorial videos online if you need help. The FMS is also simple to operate…doesn’t take many entries to get going.

edit: Oh, you can also fly this as GA - in fact the airport need only have a runway with 3000 ft in length.

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G3000 you mean?

Opps, yes typo on my part.

Yeah, in terms of the USA I am close; but in terms of NC I am a bit further away; over in the triangle north at Henderson! Have never seen a HondaJet IRL; if you can grab one headover this way!

Thanks! I’ll download it this weekend and get going. And check some videos too!

I warmly recommend this one: MSFS 2020 | TUTORIAL: How to fly the Working Title Cessna Citation CJ4 | Complete Lesson - YouTube

It’s a walk-through where Matt from WT guides the host (FilbertFlies) through everything in a complete flight from cold & dark to cold & dark. I’d say it’s the best instruction video I have ever seen about any sim topic.


Agreed. That’s a good video. I watched it and it was very helpful when I was learning the CJ4. A bit long if you have a limited attention span, but it’s time-stamped in the description, so you can easily skip by stuff you don’t want and focus on the stuff you need.

Another great channel is the corporatepilotdad. Dude is a Citation (not specifically CJ4)-rated corporate pilot and he knows his ■■■■.