Recommended spots

When you want to select your departure airport (from the World map option), I see 3 airports listed in History, but more than 200 airports in .
How can I delete that looong list of airports I never fly to?

Moved to Aviate, Navigate, Communicate which is more appropriate :+1:

You can’t remove those other airports AFAIK (or at least I’ve never seen anyone on these boards come up with a way).

You can get the top three to be places you fly most often if you start a flight and fly from A to B while not in developer mode. I’m not sure what you have to do to get those airports to appear in the top three, but it seems like you have to create a flight using an origin and destination airport, spawn into the sim, get in the air, and land at the destination. If that’s not right then someone can correct me.

I searched other places on the internet to find a way to remove that list, but no success. So we are stuck with that useless long list. :angry: