Recording a flight

Is it possible to record a flight and replay it like we did in the old Flight? A friend of mine is wondering about that but he does not use the forum because he can’t speak English. Thanks.

I’m using SkyDolly and is very usefully. And is also a Logbook.


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Another broken promise … this core feature of any sim I flew before, is missing from the very beginning and in one of their early dev Q&A sessions thy mentioned it being just a minor thing to implement because the base for that would be already (as a developer tool) in the codebase.

All that would be missing was a suitable user interface for the end user. Anyways, still no built in recording feature available :frowning:


You should use Flight Control Replay that will allow you to replay and make videos of your flights very easily, with several features more. For example, you can rewind back in time your last flight and take control again at the moment that you decide during Replay. In case of a crash to desktop, there also possibility to restart your flight from the last known position.

Where do you get that? Did not find it anywhere.

At simmarket, you will find it. Posting a direct link is not allowed in this forum section.

You can also check out PilotPathRecorder which I wrote to help me visualize my flights on Google Earth. It’s free and can be found on github.

Thanks for the info guys.