Recovering original files?

Hello there. I own the Windows Store version of the simulator.
After i installed a mod in the wrong folder (CJ4) sadly i overwrite an original file.
Do you guys know if theres any way to recover the original files from the installation??

I recovered the original aircraft by simply deleting the named folder for that plane.

Then I exited the game and rebooted it. MSFS automatically saw that it was missing and reloaded it from their server.

Hope that works for you.

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I just deleted the CJ4 folder (the one within Official Folder) restarted and cant see anything going on.

Try doing a “repair” or (“reset”) on the app in Windows 10 SETTINGS, APPS

I dont see any repair option on Apps & Features. Just Uninstall ( No modify option)

I forget to ask what version. MS Store & Game Pass
SETTINGS, APPS then Advanced Options, then “reset”.

Steam has one too, I think.

Yea…sadly i clicked on Uninstall thinking that would popup something asking you to uninstall or modify…well…it didn’t ask anything at all…just uninstalled LOL ■■■■

Hopefully won’t hours of download! :thinking:
But it should keep all your saved data. “Cross Fingers”.

300mb should help…but config data is what worries me.

Looking at the official folder, there are at least two folders with the CRJ name attached. After they are deleted, and you do a reboot (shut down the windows…is what I did) then start up MSFS. That is when I got the original file reloaded. Now, you should see that original file folder with today’s new file date.

Hope this works…

Also, go to (ingame) Profile>Content manager and check the CJ4 entry.