Recovery of settings files

The sim is usually pretty stable for me but just had a huge crash.

When I reloaded the sim it went straight to an Accessibility screen which I was unable to just skip. I think it is the screen you get the very first time you start the sim.

Anyway just went went with the defaults to get through it and when the sim finally loaded ALL settings have been reset to default including mouse and stick settings.

Is there any way to recover these? Are there backups stored anywhere?

Settings are kept “in the cloud”, but I suspect that after the sim started again with the new settings, they were probably overwritten.
You would have had to have loaded them when you got the “Accessibility” screen.

Well it seems I got lucky. When I double checked the Controls Option screen it had set the profiles to default but my old profiles were still there:-)

Another bit of luck is I can now use smaller planes like the Optica and the Just Flight Arrows.
For months I’ve had the problem were they would veer off to the left or the right as I picked up speed down the runway. Max rudder still couldn’t prevent this.
Just taken off in the Optica and that problem seems to have gone now.

Every cloud…:slight_smile:

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I have seen several folks in here say they also had similar results after a re-install of the sim!
Good to hear you got it solved. :+1:

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