Recreating the flight of a Cuban defector to the Everglades

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I thought for sure someone woukd do the livery of his plane. But to date i haven’t seen one yet.

Oh, it’s out there, much to my chagrin at finding this and wanting to do the whole stupid flight over again…

Nice find, thanks. I’ll probably re fly it myself now.

I like this kind of reenactments of real events. My friends still laugh at me for reenact the Lindbergh flight with open windows in winter for the real feeling. It was a hell of a flight. The only modern improvement was a sixpack Red Bull.

One thing I would enjoy when watching someone doing a 2 hours flight with no migs trying to bring him down.

A little talk about the flight or some chat. I know its a little bit weird to talk to yourself but its also weird to do a 2 hour flight in a computer game so who cares

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Fair point! I kinda catalogue these things more for myself than to entertain others, but it is fun to get engagement and it’s quite boring without some kind of “streamer etiquette” like conversation etc - I did have New York Center tuned on VATSIM to kill the quiet but it was pretty dead :slight_smile: