*RECRUITING* New freeware ground traffic project!

Hello fellow simmers,

my name is Jonas and you may know me from my free Enhanced Ground Vehicles mod. Currently, I am revisiting this mod and experimenting with adding new 3d models as ambient ground traffic .

However, I am more of a texture guy myself and really struggling with importing/exporting the models from Blender into the sim. The SDK documentation is still quite limited in this regard and it’s hard for me to reverse engineer what other developers did (e.g. AREX by LVFR).

Therefore I am actively looking for help. My goal is to build a group of passionate freeware developers (like FlyByWire, Digital Flight Dynamics or any other awesome freeware teams out there!), who are willing to work together in order to bring this project to the next level.

What I am looking for:

  • people with knowledge about the SDK and creation/import of simobjects
  • people with experience in 3d modelling for Blender/3DSMax
  • people with experience in animation (e.g. turning wheels, blinking lights)
  • people with experience in sound effects & sound AI
  • people who are passionate about this project and just wanna help

The work is unpaid as the whole project should be released as a free mod . All possible donations would be used for purchase & licensing of new 3d models only.

What this project is about:
There are many different type of simmers out there with various different expectations, what flight simming should be about. There are casual players who are just there for the quick fun. And there flight sim enthusiasts who love study-level-airliners and learning all the correct procedures and mechanics of the planes. For me personally flight simming and especially MSFS2020 was mostly about immersion . I spend the first few weeks after launch just watching the AI taxiing and taking off from passenger view – and I had a blast!

Right now, we already have a huge number of amazing airports and sceneries for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The first complex planes have been released, with many more study-level airliners on the way!
The only thing MSFS is still lacking in my opinion is bringing the airports more to life .

The first thing in order to do so would be the introduction of decent AI plane traffic, models and liveries. We know Kaiii from AIG is already hard working on this. And even Asobo plans to improve this system by themselves.

The second thing for me is ground services and ambient traffic. This mod is not meant to be a replacement for GSX, which will be the leading solution once released. Like LVFR I am planning to use the default system of ambient traffic and calling ground services – so this mod could be used alongside GSX once released.

Development goals:

  • creation and/or import of better 3d models as ambient ground vehicle traffic (e.g. fire trucks, airport services, police vehicles, busses, fuel trucks)
  • realisitc & detailled liveries for different regions (even customized for specific airports once supported by the SDK)
  • realistic animations and lights (e.g. flashing emergency lights)
  • custom sounds for each vehicle (e.g. engines, sirens)

Long-term goals (depending on personal and progress of the SDK):

  • introduction of new functionalities (e.g. follow me, safety landings with response of emergency vehicles and equipment)
  • new scripts & visual effects for specific vehicles (e.g. fire truck spraying water, water salute)
  • overhaul of the ground vehicle traffic outside airports
  • whatever ideas you guys might have :wink:

So if you are hyped about this project and wanna get on board & join the team, please message me! :slight_smile:

Best regards,



great idea, might be something we can even later “connect” to the new AIGTC feature to handle ground traffic at airports :slight_smile:

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I feel honored! You are doing amazing work with the AI traffic. Indeed, it would be awesome if we could “connect” these systems down the road. However, I don’t wanna set up false expectations: This project just started. Currently, I’m just trying to see how much people we can gather and this will determine, which and how fast development goals can be achieved.

MSFS has brought back the the big freeware community, so I guess there will be some guys to help on this on, you can also ask over at the AIG Forum for help. I know that one of the modellers there has some vehicles on his todo list as well (for the AIGTC feature)

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