Red and Blue thin lines in center of screen

I notice after I updated to the 40th Anniversary update and the Inbuilds A310 acft. download, and now when after loading MSFS 2020, any aircraft, I have a red and blue thin line going through the center of the screen. Anyone had this problem before. What should do?

also I have in the top left corner( major red), (minor blue,) and (excluded gray.)

Can someone please help me, I can’t run msfs2020 because all aircraft has the same red and blue thin line through the middle of the screen, and in the top left corner of the screen, there is the word MAJOR RED, MINOR BLUE and EXCLUDED GRAY. Anyone knows what that means.

This seems to be a very rare problem; Google searching for the phrases you mention in combination with monitors brings up only this post.

Perhaps there is some debug setting in your graphics driver, or a graphics manipulation utility?

I turned off the developer mode, and the blue/red lines went away

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I encountered a blue line once during the beta. Was odd. Had me wondering if it was my monitor but when I moved the plane around, the line moved with the terrain.