Reduced load radius?!

After installing the latest update, trees and buildings are only loading in a smaller radius around the aircraft (at least for my eye). In a big MFS facebook group many others are reporting that too. Is that a bug or has this been changed to improve performance?

If it was reduced for performance, why is there no option to change it my self? My PC would be able to render a bigger radius and my sim looks worse now than before. :frowning:

Yeah, i saw that while flying over Japan, tree lod is way closer than before, and “high quality terrain mesh/bing data” is also loading closer to the plane

FYI, I just watched the Q & A stream that came out a hour ago. I noticed this reduced LOD too with details popping everywhere. The team just answered this very question saying it wasn’t deliberate and they are looking into it to see if it is a bug intoduced with the new patch.

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Wow you mean after multiple Zendesk reports, countless threads on the subject ,polls and the like they never noticed that we noticed that they were deliberately downgrading the visuals , If I were in a meeting with said people I would call them Liars to there faces or - you have the worst testing and quality control I have ever known .

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Do you know about what time in the video? I have the sim open right now and I’m trying to reproduce this, but everything appears normal at this point and I’m not seeing this issue myself.