[Reference] What kind of avionics are used in each aircraft

This is what I have identified. Can anyone provide corrections?

Brand Model Avionics type
Diamond DA40NG Garmin G1000
Diamond DA62 Garmin G1000
Beechcraft Bonanza G36 Garmin G1000
Cessna 172 Garmin G1000
Cessna 208B Caravan Garmin G1000
Daher TBM-930 Garmin G3000
Beechcraft King Air 350i Garmin G3X
JMB VL-3 Garmin G3X Touch
Cub Crafters X-Cub Garmin G3X Touch
ICON A5 Garmin Aera 796
Flight Design CTSL Garmin G3X Touch / Steam
Extra 330LT GARMIN Non-Touch G3X
Robin Cap-10 Garmin GNS430 / Steam
Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental Honeywell
Cessna Citation CJ4 Rockwell Collins ProLine 21
Robin DR400/100 Cadet Steam
Cessna 152 Steam
Savage Cub Steam
Aviat Pitts Special Steam
Airbus A320 Thales/Honeywell

Deluxe Version:

Brand Model Avionics type
Diamond DA40-TDI Garmin GNS430 / Steam
Diamond DV20 Garmin GNS430 / Steam
Beechcraft Baron 58 Garmin G1000
Cessna 152 Acrobat Steam
Cessna 172 Skyhawk Garmin GNS430 / Garmin GNS530 / Steam

Premium Version:

Brand Model Avionics type
Cirrus SR22 Garmin G1000 - Perspection Option
Pipistrel Virus SW121 Garmin GNS430 / Garmin G3X / Steam
Cessna Longitude Garmin G5000
Zlin Shock Ultra Steam



Couple of notes,
the C172 steam (deluxe) comes with the GNS430,
the A320 uses Thales/Honeywell avionics. Universal have developed a head-wearable display which is optional.

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Thanks Mike.

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747 has a Honeywell system, a variant on the Pegasus FMC

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It’s actually a G3X, three full screens, much like the single full screen in the CubCrafters CC19. Note the split screen which has the same functionality. Also, G3000 comes with GTC Touch Controllers, none are present in the King Air.


Garmin G1000 is tied to the airframe type certificate (with very few exceptions), so is only available for new aircrafts. It cannot be retrofitted. The G3X Touch is selling like weed, so many older aircrafts are retrofitted with the G3X Touch (or Dynon or Aspen). The retrofit avionics market is larger than the OEM market. Therefore, there are likely more G3X Touch installation out there than G1000, and growing quickly, in particular when adding the experimental market.


The C172 Steam has both a GNS430 & GNS530.

Thanks for putting this together. I had been meaning to do it myself. I will add some of the deluxe & premium planes that are missing.

I have also gotten the PDF manuals for some of the Garmins. I will upload or add links to them.

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The CJ4 is not ProLine Fusion, it’s an earlier ProLine 21

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I don’t think that’s a G3X Touch. I look at the PDF for the G3X Touch and the all have the buttons on the bottom of the screen. The KingAir doesn’t have them.

I don’t know what they are, but I will look a little more to try to figure it out. The frame looks like Rockwell Collins and that appears to be what they come with, but the display data certainly looks like Garmin.

Here is a G3X Touch:

The documentation for the Garmin G3X doesn’t show a version without the buttons on the bottom. But I guess Microsoft and Asobo can change it. So, it could be a variation of the G3X.

They are G3X Touches. There are only three Garmins modeled in the stock sim, which Working Title is improving: G1000, G3000 (imitating a G5000 by having PIC/COP PFD GTCs - in essence a G3000 with two extra GTCs) and G3X Touch. You can split the screens on the King Air just like the XCub.

Here are the other Avionics I figured out:

Deluxe Version:

|Diamond|DA40-TDI|Garmin GNS430 / Steam|
|Diamond|DV20|Garmin GNS430 / Steam|
|Beechcraft|Baron 58|Garmin G1000|
|Cessna|152 Acrobat|Steam|
|Cessna|172 Skyhawk|Garmin GNS430 / Garmin GNS530 / Steam|

Premium Version:

|Cirrus|SR22|Garmin G1000 - Perspection Option|
|Pipistrel|Virus SW121|Garmin GNS430 / Garmin G3X / Steam|
|Cessna|Longitude|Garmin G3000|
|Zlin|Shock Ultra|Steam|

Please let me know if any are wrong.

The SR-22 is using a G1000 - it’s no different than in the Skyhawk G1000, or for that matter the Caravan 208B.

All the other G1000s have the right panel with the AP functions on it. The SR-22 doesn’t. It has the AP is on a panel below with additional FMS functions.

I looked on the internet and Cirrus states it as a Garmin Perspective and I thought that is what it was. But after further research, I see the displays are G1000 and the Perspective is the panel below it.

I’ve corrected my previous post. Thanks!

G1000 as it appears on all other airplanes:

SR-22 G1000 with the Perspective Option

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Based on Working Title, the EXTRA 330LT uses a non-touch G3X, not a 500. And after finding the downloading the manual for it, it is the non-touch Garmin 3GX.

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Thanks everyone for all of the corrections. I have updated the original post to reflect the changes suggested!


I think this list needs to be clear that there are really only

G1000 **
G3000 **
G3X (and you can touch all of them - clicking on the Annunciator panels is possible in-cockpit) **
Rockwell Collins Proline 21 **
GNS430 ***
GNS530 ***

** Available as a Working Title Mod
*** Available as a PMS Mod

Any variances therein are strictly cosmetic. For example - most of the keyboard in the SR-22 is non-functional. The hardware buttons make for an ergonomic difference - but AP is AP, ALT is ALT, etc. so any instructions at a work level will be interchangeable. The Longitude’s G5000 is a G3000, it just has two extra GTCs PIC and COP side.

It’s going to be really confusing for new readers to make sense of it unless you boil it down to those models above.