Reflections in Hangar

Why is there so much reflection in the Hangar.

In particular, the large white rectangular area by the hangar Door.
(It is not the light coming through the open door – that is the Gray floor area to the right of the plane.

The reflections on the floor, of the ceiling are also way to reflective ?

Anyone else seeing this ??? Maybe I have a graphics driver issue ??

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These are the neon lights on the ceiling reflecting on the ground.
But I have to admit I have never been in a real hanger so I have no idea if the floor in a hangar is so polished or more dirty concrete or asphalt-like with no reflections at all.

I don’t think this is anything to be bothered about, just Asobo showing off some fancy graphics.

As far as realism goes, I had a 22 year career in the Royal Air Force and I have been in plenty of hangers on air force bases, navy bases, and civilian airports, around the world, and I can say for sure that I never saw a polished floor. In fact it goes against common sense, not to mention health and safety rules. For example oils spills etc. and shiny floors are a really bad combination. But of course it is a big world and maybe somewhere someone was dumb enough to do it.


just imagine that bright square is from a huge skylight above…

Polishing concrete or using a urethane coating on hangar floors to create a mirror finish is not unusual. This trend has been increasing in the last 10 years.

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I am no more bother by this, than other aspects of MSFS just just seem to be OVERDONE for the sake of showing off.
It’s just a shame that so many feature of MSFS which is meant to be "Today’s best “Flight Simulator” is so flawed with unreal features, but if one stops thinking of it as a “Flight Simulator”, and more of a Money making X-Box game, then somehow, it’s not so bad !!

2022 with be an interesting year when XP12 gets released, and then hopefully MSFS will “step up it’s game(Excuse the PUN !!! )


Many hangar floors (in civilian aviation; can’t see the military bothering) are indeed polished to this level. It’s most common to see in corporate aviation hangars.

The reflections of overhead lights do look correct here. What I can’t figure out, as you say, is the big gray square in front of the hangar door. Where’s that coming from?

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OK, I am surprised to see this, but it would appear to be true !!

Additionally, non-skid properties are an integral part of all flooring systems we offer for airplane hangars, as a slip or fall could be incredibly dangerous in a busy facility full of personnel and aircraft.

And yes, the overhead lights do reflect, just as they do in MSFS !!

But it sure “looks” Slippery,
(Would look great on my garage floor !!)

Meanwhile a screenshot from another sim…


I guess I have never seen inside a modern corporate aviation hanger. Most that I have seen were probably built in the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s and none of them were for light general aviation.

Yup. Surprisingly they aren’t slippery either. I know they sure look like it.

How did you get those pre-release XP12 screenshots ??

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Nice to see at least one other reader picked this up.

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Thanks – I have correct my Spelling Mistakes.

I beleive I have it right now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hang in their.

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