Reflections just in one eye

Hi all,

I’m not sure if this has been reported yet, but I’ve noticed a strange issue in VR where sometimes the horizon is showing some kind of artefact or reflection in just one eye and not the other, I’ve also noticed this appear in certain situations with reflection on buildings.

Tested with the Varjo Aero and Reverb G2 using all version of the SU10 beta so far.


For me that’s already happening in the game for ages. Far away clouds close to the horizon show artifacts when moving my head up and down, but only for one eye.

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I suspect this may be down to the fact that the sim uses screen-space reflections. If both eyes are seeing something different, i.e. the rendered image is different, which is the case in VR, then the reflections computed based on those images will be different.
Hence, you see different reflections in each eye.

Obviously I don’t know the detail of what you’re seeing, but could this be a plausible explanation?

This is like this since the beginning. It seems that DLSS kinda fixed this issue but you need an Nvidia card.

I´ve been seeing this reflection problem since a long time, I tried changing all reflections to ultra etc, but no change. It feels like the reflection is rendered totally diferent in each eye and depending to the distance the artifacts are more noticeable (far distant reflections artifacts are less noticeable than close ones)

Another problem is with the AI plane´s lights when they are flying very far away from me, lights are rendering only in one eye (if I close one eye I cant see the plane) but once they are closer the lights are rendered in both eyes.

Im using Reverb G2

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Our test team has not been able to reproduce this issue with the latest build. If you are still experiencing this issue, will you provide details such as your VR setup and graphic settings?

This issue has been there since day one. Asobo test team must be able to reproduce it, there is nothing to do, just watch a far away plane’s lights to see them rendered in only one eye.