Refueling a Plane

About to do a leg on my around the world trip where I need to make a mid-flight landing at an airport for fuel flying an Piper Arrow III Turbo.

I just wondering what state the plane should be in during refueling both in the Sim and in real life? Is the engine meant to be off? Just running idle?

Yes, VERY much.

Also switch off master and magneto and connect an earth wire.


What key do you press for an earthwire? :laughing:


It is also good practice to have the parking brake and wheel chocks set.


So my challenge is though to get the fuel truck to come I need the radio on. So do people call the fuel truck and then turn the battery off?

Yes or call them by phone. But turning batteries and radio’s on to request refueling is not gonna hurt the battery, nothing wrong with that.

Self service is way cheaper in many places. You can just taxi over to the fuel pumps and refuel manually.

And no smoking.