Refund for not supporting Saitek X-55

I’ll paste what I wrote in another thread…

Well manually assign. Spend a few minutes getting the basic functions up and running.

Do a search on Youtube for Tutorial #2 - Peripheral Control Setup - Microsoft Flight Simulator

Excellent Tutorial

If you purchased the sim via Steam and you cant see your device in MSFS then scroll further down this forum and find the thread called… [STEAM USERS] If you controllers aren’t showing up in game

Guys, my setup having a massive number of bindable switches and axis’s also isn’t “Officially Supported” but I spent a good 40 or so minutes watching the above tutorial then setting up my devices. It really isn’t rocket science.

Hello Incryptx1
I have also a x55
Can you see the x55 Stick and Throttle in mfs2020 but with no picture?same by me.
Example: 1: select your x55 Stick from the menu
2: on the left site in the nmenu select all.
3: search for gear (for example)

I hope this can help you (sorry englisch is not my native language

Greetings from not so more confusedcorn :slight_smile:

dont forgett to save all the settings!


X-55 user here… Totally works… Definitely disappointed there’s no default bindings but after spending a little time bindings the buttons and axis it works great! I didn’t have to do any file editing to get it recognized and I’m using the Steam version.

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Trust me… The default bindings aren’t worth it… Just play around with them.

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don’t hold me to it, but I believe there is a tab for that. I found it once when try to get the correct axis identified. You see the curve for all axis’ and rotaries.

The Sensitivity button is on the main Controls screen at the top on the left side. Not exactly obvious! :slight_smile:

Even flagged compatible devices don’t work out of the box. There is another thread full of people who have had to setup their TM rudder from scratch since the defaults are just completely wrong lol!

Can you all not just use FS2020’s Search By Input box and then click the button or move the axis required for mapping? That makes knowing which axis to choose in the drop-down list unnecessary yes?

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