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I have been trying to connect with a person to help me with denied refunds but I keep getting the same bot generated email. Microsoft has a very worrying refund policy of 2 refunds, no questions asked, a year! Which means that no matter how broken an addon is or how much it differs from the description, Microsoft does not seem to care. It continues to provide a platform for questionable developers selling products that Microsoft has to know are at the very least falsely advertised, incomplete or broken. 2 refunds a year is not only a policy that would not stand a chance in any courtroom anywhere in the world, but it puts Microsoft in a very uncomfortable shady light. No one from Microsoft taking the time to even contact me to somehow resolve issues only makes it worse.

I have talked to helpdesk people who all said it must be very frustrating and it should be taken care of but unfortunately that’s where all my efforts end. Replying with the word “dispute” on a rejection email, as suggested by the helpdesk many many times does nothing but generate more frustration, more bot created email responses from Microsoft and doubt in the safety of spending money on products in the marketplace since Microsoft will not help if it turns out to be a flakey product for which any store in the world would immediately offer a refund, an apology and would either force the creator of it to clean up their act and stop scamming people or eventually remove them from the marketplace completely.
Can someone who is authorised to resolve refund issues please contact me?

Hi @MaverickF1,
Please contact Zendesk per the guidelines found in the FAQ:✓&query=Refunds+&commit=Search

Hi, thanks for trying to help but, as I said, I did and I was told what to do but unfortunately that didn’t work. A simple try before you buy system would fix all these issues and would force developers to do better but it seems like that wish won’t come true. Have a great day😊

Hi @MaverickF1. I moved your post here to the #self-service:miscellaneous category. Good luck.

This wishlist may interest you:

As a forum moderator, do you have any possibility to ask anyone from xbox to contact me? I should know better, but i bought the las vegas airport pack and can’t land, can’t take off from it anymore without immediate ctd and I can’t get my money back. I’m really out of options since nobody replies to any messages or help requests. Anything that could help would mean the world to me. Thanks

@MaverickF1. Moderators are flight simmers like you and volunteer to help with the forums. We are not a direct conduit to MS or Asobo.

While I know this is no consolation, I am sorry you are having these issues. I suggest you focus on the guidance suggested by @Hester40MT above. Be respectful but persistent.

Thanks. No reason to ever be disrespectful but unfortunately that path leads to nothing. The frustration of being ignored is not worth it and Microsoft knows it. Sad sad strategy…

Would you mind DMing me your Zendesk Ticket number? I don’t know if there is anything we can do, but I can look into it for you!

Hi, thank you so much. I really appreciate it. If you need any more details on the requests please let me know. It’s 7004550928

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