Refunds for marketplace or make another descriptions for Xbox players

I bought many things on marketplace. I spend my money because I want to play and fun with extras airplanes etc.


For example. Yesterday I bought C182 from Carenado. The plane is fine, very fun to flight. But as user of Xbox the tablet doesn’t work. I paid full price for 90% of product. Now I am alone with my problem. The plane has few month and still doesn’t work.

Many airports crash the game.

I paid because the descriptions and screens shows something right for me. Now I feel like victim of thefts.

Do something with it!

Did you contact Carenado about this?

@TheSevenflyer the Carenado’s plane is only one from many problems. This is example.

Forum has topic for this issue and after few months the problem still exists (I’m talking about C182 right now).


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I think something is getting lost in the translation!

Asobo cannot fix a Carenado plane, to get that fixed, you need to contact Carenado.

Do you have a specific complaint about MSFS as well?

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