Regarding loading times with addons... SOLUTION

I see people stating that they experience long loading times when launching the sim and before flight.
I myself was also one of them,untill yesterday when for no particurlar reason,i unchecked(i use addons linker always) all the aeroplanes liveries,except the one i wanted to fly with(FBW32NX only) and no others.No matter the kind(military jets etc etc)
I must also say that i download tons of data for cities,landmarks etc etc
So…what happened? I enabled a whole country(destination) worth of data(photogrametry cities,landmarks,airports) and also my country which i started the flight(departure) but only the 1 livery for the FBW32NX
The sim loaded maybe in 3 minutes from start to finish.I couldn’t believe it.
I have tons of Gigabytes for UK,Spain,Italy,Switzerland,Denmark,France and i had no problem at all.
I have many more countries but i choose those ones cause they have the biggest collection of addons.
So…Liveries my friends.The indeed do this to the sim.Strange but true
Hope i helped.Cheers

Sim is installed on a NVME 1Tera from MS Store

Liveries are texture-intensive, and it’s loading textures that takes time for the sim. The other thing that will really kill your load time (and your frame rate as well) are raw google maps scenery imports. Even relatively small areas generate mods that are enormous in size, and contain tens of thousands of files. (If the mod maker has run the models through Blender, as many of them do, it improves things dramatically.)

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this is nowhere near a “solution” it’s just: “loading time with mods is bad - load less mods”

When you fly on Vatsim, and that’s why you have all the liveries in the first place, you need to load all your liveries to make traffic show up properly.

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Is the scenery indexing check what takes so much. Indeed it takes almost half of the loading time because you can see that around half the way of the loading is where the generation of new indexes files start. If you check “SceneryIndexes” folder after adding something new to the “Community” folder for instance you will see that. When the flags and info about latest world update appear on screen the scenery check starts more or less.

I have just a few liveries but many airports and it takes a lot to load. The more airports/scenery in “Content.xml” file the longer time as far as I have seen. Even if it takes just 0.5s to process each entry if you have 500 addons there it will take few minutes just to go through all of them.

As of today just the official content and world updates means 100 entries in the scenery list, and only a small portion of the world has been updated so far. I hope they can improve this process or in 5 years it will take hours to load the whole list if we continue with the content addition, world updates and third party releases hahaha…

One thing that can help a bit is to keep this list clean. If you delete some scenery it won´t be removed automatically from “Content.xml” nor from “SceneryIndexes” folder. Both files are re-generated everytime you load game so you can delete them and the list will be re-generated in alphabetical order. However I just prefer to delete “SceneryIndexes” alone so that the garbage is removed and folder is re-generated and manually edit “Content.xml” to remove the old addons but keeping the existing scenery priorities as the world updates patching set them before or as I manually set them as well to fix any incompatibilities with content as suggested by some third party creators.

Don´t touch anything there if you don´t know what you are doing. The master file is “Content.xml”. There is where the priorities are set. Keep a copy of it just in case.


That’s why we DON’T buy Airports from MS Store but only from outside cause with the help of the Addon Linker,all the problems you are saying,are vanished.
I really wonder,why don’t they implement the “Addon Linker” as an official addon.It will save many people.
As i said…I may load Spain and Portugal,along with Greece which is always turned to ON and with only one livery,it takes only 3 minutes to load.Do you want to say 5 min? It’s fine with me.I can wait 5 minutes for an awesome 2-3 hours flight as an awesome experience.
I aknowledge however that people may want all to work while being loaded,regardless the size.

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Yes, we clearly need some ingame priority & disabling solution in game other than a full uninstall from content manager. That was already available in FSX. There´s no reason to remove it in MSFS.


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But why do they have to load all that stuff at all? Why not just load stuff where I am? Or why don’t they cache the data so it is more easily read next time you start the sim? It must be possible to optimize the start up in some way, it is really slow.

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That’s a real bummer that there’s no way to disable unused Planes / Liveries from the Program (i.e. without totally uninstalling them). This really drives me to only use community aircraft / liveries – that I can disable with MSFS Addons Linker.

Regarding the comment about Google Earth Scenery… yeah, I have lots of that. I guess I need to see if there’s a way to reverse engineer existing scenery projects from MSFS to Blender, and back again.

A lot of good info in this thread – I hope it gains traction and picks back up.


Myself,i am starting to also delete,Asobo aircraft,along with their liveries.I was thinking…will i ever fly again with a Robin ? The answer is NO.
So…Good riddance😎

This is super helpful and the direction I’m moving in. Just installed MSFS Addons Linker, and have deleted a TON of native MSFS ‘stuff’… and am focusing on trying more of the community addons. The control, ease, and speed make MSFS a much more enjoyable experience. Infinitely thankful to the developer of Addons Linker.

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This is the one area I’m struggling with; a lot of straggler liveries seem to be left behind, after uninstalling aircraft – and it’s not always straight forward as to which left over liveries, went with which planes. I wish I could auto uninstall each corresponding livery, when an aircraft is uninstalled.

First delete the liveries and then the aeroplanes my friend.
Relax and do it a little every day.

LOL, I’m brand new to MSFS, but I uninstalled the Robin, although I don’t believe I ever flew it. :wink:

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Well, I’m an all-in type of person, so I deleted everything in one swoop. So are you saying it’s somehow easier to locate the liveries if I hadn’t first deleted the planes? Should I reinstall them and then start the process again?

Want to be sure not to break anything. How do you uninstall planes (and liveries first)? In game or working on the files? And how will it be possible to install them back, just in case? As far as I understood, you are speaking about native planes and liveries, don’t you? Beacuse for mods I also use Addon Linker and with that the process is pretty straight.

Can’t be 100% sure but in the content manager,i was seing first and clear all the liveries first.
Also use the search bar.Type Asobo and kenmore and also simulator i think,for those horid and childish liveries