RegDesigns - CYYZ Toronto Pearson Intl' Airport

RegDesigns is proudly announcing it’s rendition of CYYZ Toronto Pearson Int’ Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator! The official trailer will be available on Youtube tomorrow, Friday 25th of February 2022 as of 5:30pm EST!

We are also giving away 2 copies of CYYZ on our discord, stay tuned! You can access the video using this link: CYYZ Toronto Pearson Trailer

Discord link: RegDesigns Discord

Take care!


Looking forward to the video launch, I suspect this will be an initial day purchase for me!


As much I want to wait for Flytampa version to release this looks very promising!!

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More info RegDesigns - CYYZ

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Looks very, very nice. Will be purchasing as soon as it is available.

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Fingers crossed It will be out tomorrow.


Hi, Mltaviator99!

The team is indeed working extremely hard at this moment to brush out the last bugs and artifacts so that the scenery is able to release tomorrow sometime during the day.

Stay tuned!

  • Darwin [RegDesigns]

Do you have a rough idea of when it will be released on the marketplace?

Hi Earth5250!

There will probably be a few weeks before CYYZ will be available on the marketplace since Microsoft needs to test the airport before they make it public on the marketplace. However, it will be available on our website first, followed shortly (like a few hours) by other platforms such as SimMarket, Contrail etc.

Hope this helps!

Take care,

  • Darwin [RegDesigns]

Still on track to release today? :slight_smile:

Out right now! :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone! Airport is released now.

More details here: [RELEASE] CYYZ - Toronto Lester B. Pearson International Airport | RegDesigns


Just purchased, nice touch on the website purchase throwing in Guelph Airpark, that was a nice surprise!

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Just took a quick drone tour and it looks superb!

I use Airport Jetway Pro from LVFR and was pleased to see it didn’t interfere with the nice HSBC jetways! The interior modeling is just as nice as the exterior!


Hello everybody.

A few hours ago relatively new and young team RegDesigns released their adaptation of CYYZ Toronto Pearson airport.

It is very well done airport with a lot of details and it is not representing a big hit on FPS (of course based on your settings, there is a FPS hit with every detailed scenery).

I was hesitating between this or wait for the Fly Tampa, in the end I decided to go with this one, also because I am impressed what can be done in young and small team.
Just to be clear I have no ties to the devs, just want to share my opinion on this great product.


looking the pictures this one look a bit superior but let’s see the final version of both to compare and also check fps performance

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Bought, downloading, and the anticipation is thiiiiick. Have everything RegDesigns does, between them and Roman Designs, my hometown and surrounds is quite populated. I don’t care who else is doing this airport, these guys are the real deal, and for me, I’m supporting local. @darwinfrr I will wait for your Billy Bishop… hint, hint.

EDIT: MACOSX Folder?.. Reminds me of my hayday on Beatport, Traxsource, and Stompy, passing stem sets for remix.


Let us know how it is when you finish installing it. Any fps hit? How are the graphics, detail,immersion etc.

back soon!!!

I saw now FPS hits when I droned around it yesterday.