Reinstall and update

Hello again…i m fighting for two days now with this sim and it’s getting very frustrating.
I bought the standard version from the store and it was working kinda nice for two weeks…
then came the first patch, then a few CTD…so… i installed the mod a320, working nice, and then since the new release, no flight planner, mcdu not working, VS not working, ;etc;…etc…

so i decided the uinstall the whole sim and to install it again, after deleting all the things in the folders, and recreating new ones…took like 5 hours to install the whole thing for like about 100 GB on my ssd drive.
i launched the thing and only 2 planes and no content manager (empty)
i know that some of you got the same problem.

so, is it me or i have the feeling that it is reinstalling only the new patch, but not the “base game”…?

I m think now to get the deluxe version ? is it possible to get an upgrade or do i have to buy the whole think…so 90 bucks…kinda a lot of money for a game which is not working properly…

Do you have recommandations ? what am i doing wrong ?
thanks for your help…

Good news. This is an easy fix. When you changed the folder, the sim only downloaded required files.

Go into the Content Manager and download everything else.

It will be better than new soon.


thanks but my content manager is empty …dont know why…

Remove your antivirus software.

For example, it is reported that Zone Alarm blocks update.


I have just reinstalled, because I have changed the Hardware of my PC and the same thing happens to me, I only get 2 planes, also the joystick does not work. Any solution?

I do not install the game in the default folder, I do it in another folder, but I have always done it that way and I have not had this problem.