Reinstall MSFS on new computer

My PC blast recently and I bought a new one. Last PC was on Windows 10 and new one on Windows 11.
I installed MSFS on last PC in disk G:\FS2020 directory and I moved this disk in my new PC.

My questions are :

  • It’s possible to reinstall MSFS in same disk (G:) and same directory( FS2020) without delete the content of Official and Community folder ? I want by this way avoid to reinstall all regions that I ever dowloaded.

Thanks in advance for your help

It is Possible

install the launcher to w/e default directory (this is only a few gb) then start the game

the critical part comes when it asks where you want the Packages - choose the folder that holds the “Community” and “Official” folders (so G:\FS2020 in your case probably), it can be hard to tell that you can change this location in the game launcher but you can

it should scan the files so you wont have to download them again and will write the location to the config, this step almost looks like it will download everything but if the game files are there it wont

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Good news!

By doing this I will recover my Options as keyboard and joycestick setup ?

Where the setups are saved on my PC?

Your control setup are saved in the cloud. It’s tied to your Microsoft/Xbox account. So as long as you login to the same account in any computer, your Keyboard, Joystick control profiles will be automatically synced. No need to move them around manually (welcome to the 20s).

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Great !
I will enjoy my new 19-11900k on it Z590 soon !!!

Thanks for the info !

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