Reinstall question with MS store

Decided to go for a full Reinstall due to an update loop.

When checking the MS store which is where i purchased from it only allows install through the XBOX app now.

Is this just how it is now? or some other way?


That’s just how it is now I guess.

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So the xbox app wants me to tell it where to install, should i use x86 folder or ?


Seems somehow related to the fsim version you have.
Just did a full reinstall last saturday starting from the store, not using the XBox app

Never install any game into your C: drive. Just use a different location.

Allthough I partially agree with your statement, I let the game install to its default location on the C:-drive from day one. Never had issues. Fingers crossed though :wink:

The core system of the game is a store app and will reside just fine on the C drive, since it’s only a few GB. With the repository it will download it is better to put it somewhere on a (dedicated) hard drive other than C (providing you have one)

Even if you have only one drive, it’s ‘better’ (more easy) to install it somewhere like C:\Games\MSFS

Same here. MS recommend the C: drive and that’s good enough for me. I put the packages on D:\ though, to save space.

Thanks all for the replies, yeah I usually don’t install to Root on drives and stuck it into its own folder.
But my C: is my fastest M.2 SSD and it’s 2tb so stuck it there.

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Got it will do in the future :wink:

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