Reinstall seems small

Why is the game only installing 153gig when in the past it had installed a lot more?
At thev install is says update, not in stall

Be sure to check the content manger after intall, it may not have downloaded everything also the marketplace: check for owned and free.

Thanks, I have and the Content Manager only has about 5Gig and the Market Place won’t let me download World Update 3, maybe would be better off without it.

To be clear. Your reinstalling msfs?
Did you uninstall or just delete the old folders?
Did you change the install path, for either the initial loader from windows store and/or the sim location itself for the new install?

Maybe it thinks you have already installed because it finding old install folder/file/install info.

Did an un install thru Steam, so I am assuming that all folders/files/install info was deleted.
If not suggest for me another way to delete them.
I would be appreciated

Its, okay. Another boidy is doing the same thing and his reinstall is the same as mine

When I reinstalled (store, not steam), it is indeed a very stripped down install, only two planes and none of the world updates that I’d had before.

Not sure why you cannot install things from the marketplace, probably because since you had already ‘bought’ them then you have to get them from the content manager under your profile.

Probably right. We will see when this reinstall is done.
Thanks fo the response

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