Reinstallation - completing Bush Trips

Hi, I reinstalled the flight simulator due to computer hardware changes. I did not complete all the bushtrips. It looks like I have to fly all legs again even the ones I completed already. Is there a way to tick off the completed legs? Thanks, appreciated

There’s no way to manually set the bush trips to completed, I’m afraid, other than by flying them.

Thanks for the info. I was hoping I could stop in at some leg where I stopped and continue. I would not even mind if prior legs would not be ticked off, but at least continue the trip at leg x. But it seems you have to start from fresh.

Its a trip I created in Little NavMap and BushTrip Injector. You can actually tick off a field “completed” . But when you start the Trip it directs you right to the beginning.

Its quite a long trip, I must have flown already 20 hours, thats quite a long time to repeat…

  1. the Best:
    If you still have access to the “old” SSD/HDD. Inside the folder
    C:\Users\<yourname>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\MISSIONS\ACTIVITIES\
    you will find the saved missions. Just copy them to the new computer and they should be there.

  2. Using the BushTripInjector:
    Requires a little more time, but only 2 minutes per leg. Start your BushTrip from scratch and start the plane’s engines. You do not need to launch. Go to the 3D Image Generator in BTI, connect to MSFS and select the destination airport of Leg 1 (or the POI before it). Press “Fly”. This will bring you close to the airport, you just have to land yourself. Repeat this until you are at the desired leg.


Read this topic and use the developer-mode workaround: Bush Trips Start all over again

Thanks. Which topic are you referring to?

Thanks. Will try over the weekend!

Sorry, forgot the link. I edited the post

Thanks, looks like a smart way to do it. Will try over the weekend.


I did as proposed via the Teleport Window. Yes at the end of each leg it confirmed the completion of the leg and I continued straight awas to to next… Flown all the legs. Closed the Flight Simulater and as I reopened the Bush Trip started again from Leg No 1… Probably did something wrong.

Will try Buffy’s way, just waiting for a licence for his latest version of Bush Trip Injector. Thanks anyhow.

Yes, you are probably still in developer mode. After you are at your desired destination airport, you must exit developer mode and start some other flight. Then it should be OK.

Hi Buffy, Thanks for the support. Unfortunately when entering destination Airport it remained with the starting ariport. Did not suceed this way.

That worked sort off. When starting the trip I
opened Developper mode and the Teleport Window and put in the destination airport. It brought me close to the destination Airport. Then I closed Developper mode and landed.

I could finally continue where I ended before reinstalling. The only thing is that the trip where not ticked off but thats not a problem as long.

Great help. Thanks

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