[RELEASE] EA-7 Edgley Optica | Jonx

Official Release Topic: EA-7 Edgley Optica by Jonx

A bunch of individuals were wondering where the original Edgley Optica FSX Conversion went. I took it off of flightsim.to when I started undertaking a massive re-build. Today I am releasing the FULLY NATIVE Edgley Optica. Freeware forever and kept in the same taste as the FSX Edgley Optica we all love. Since this is a ground up rework and not a conversion, I had to do a compete rebuild of the flight model, animations, effects, and various other items. This is just like any other native aircraft and is fully clickable, VR compatible, and fully integrated in the MSFS universe including the GTN 750 mod!


  • Brandon Yaeger @DigitalJonx (MSFS Developer)
  • Craig Richardson @ClassicWings78 (Original FSX Developer)
  • Pam Brooker “Warchild” (Original FSX Flight Model Devloper)
  • @twoseventy270 (Texture/Livery Artist)
  • MSFS (Various Sounds)
  • PMS50 (GTN 750 Mod)

Official Release Trailer:

Official Download:

Official Discord Link (Bug Reporting):


Small Update coming this weekend.

  • VR Zoom
  • Snow Landing Effects
  • Rain Landing Effects
  • Various Sound Fixes
  • Community Paint Kit (Version 2.0)
  • Turn On/Off Co-Pilot in Interior View