[RELEASE] FlyInside Bell 47G Helicopter | FlyInside Inc

The FlyInside Bell 47G is now available for purchase at https://flyinside-helis.com/ !

Support is available at https://forum.flyinside-helis.com/ and via email, support@flyinside-fsx.com


  • Revolutionary and realistic flight model, developed and tested by an experienced Bell 47 pilot
  • Support for full helicopter flight physics including effective translational lift, ground effect, transverse flow, flap-back, auto-rotation, and more
  • Support for failures and dangerous flight regimes including vortex ring state, engine failure, and retreating blade stall
  • Detailed 3D model with high quality PBR textures and animated drive and control systems
  • Realistic startup and shutdown procedures
  • Highly customizable realism settings allow for a smooth, easier flight model for those who are less experienced, and a hardcore, realistic flight model for the veterans experienced with the complex and challenging flight dynamics of helicopters

The Flight Model: Although MSFS does not currently include a helicopter flight model, FlyInside has had one under development for years (for FlyInside Flight Simulator). Our flight model provides an authentic helicopter flight experience, with realistic collective/cyclic response, ground effect, flap-back, transverse flow, torque/yaw, and auto-rotation capabilities.

For those of you with helicopter flight controls, our 47G has a piston engine simulation, with manual throttle control. For those running a normal joystick, you can also turn on the auto-governor and fly using 4-axis control only.


Today we’ve updated the Bell 47 with a MASH livery, our first aged version of the helicopter!


We have an update launching tomorrow (9/23) afternoon! It’s been a while, but we’ve been making some deep changes to the helicopter to increase performance.

The full change-log:

  • Optimizes Bell 47 by combining textures, remapping UVs, and merging materials. Reduces both CPU and GPU utilization, should yield 10-25% performance improvement on most PCs
  • Resolves missing material on tail section, fixes right-hand door rivet placement
  • Adds Old Orange livery
  • Adds Gulf Stream livery

The performance improvements are nice, especially in VR.