[RELEASE] - Free Scratchpad & METAR decoder

Our New apps are here!

We have launched our SCRATCHPAD BETA, which allows anyone to input data, retrieve METAR, airports, runways and airlines, organise information, and ultimately make flights easier! (A lot more is coming to this, including Navigraph integration :eyes: )
It’s not only great for beginners to VATSIM but also a great tool for veterans that want to move away from pen and paper (or at least less of it!).

We now also have a METAR decoder BETA, which allows you to input any ICAO and it will decode the raw METAR data!

Give it a go, and of course, this is free for everyone to use :slight_smile:

If you have any feedback, please do let us know via the provided links (on the apps’ page)!

If you want a quick overview, check out British Avgeek’s video on the Scratchpad Beta:

Our apps page