[RELEASE] Freeware Fouga Magister CM170 by Restauravia

So to clarify, using the method in the video you were able to get the right engine started? It looks like they opened both fuel levers at once, then started each engine by engaging the starter, then briefly pushing the inject fuel button and let the start process do the rest?

Yep that’s exactly what i did and both engines started no problem.

And to shut down just close the fuel levers.
I’m trying to find the internal lights now, cant see any switches for lights but I will keep looking!

Just found them, the rotary dial on the left console marked FEUX UV

Well thank you for this! For the first time since downloading it I was actually able to get both engines started.

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That’s great, of course the real thanks goes to the person who uploaded that video. I would have been stuck on the ground if I had not seen that!

Has anyone noticed that the VSI gauge only reads about 1/4 of the actual rate of climb/sink?

I tried starting out on the runway, and the throttle wouldnt react to my inputs… i may just have to calibrate my joystick, but is anyone else experiencing this?

A lot of aircraft have experienced this problem after the sim update/fix released this week. Just map your throttle to “Throttle 1 Axis” and you should be back in business.

Thanks! Ill give it a shot. I did notice that it happened with my bd-5 too.

This is a known bug that exists with MSFS and 3rd party aircraft. The solution is to change your throttle mapping from the default THROTTLE AXIS mapping to THROTTLE 1. I set up mine to bind both THROTTLE 1 and THROTTLE 2 to my joystick’s throttle axis so twin engine aircraft work as well. I created a 2nd profile for my joystick that uses this throttle mapping, but haven’t needed to go back to the original yet.

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How do you navigate with the Fouga?

Anyone got the camera settings to fly from the rear cockpit?

Fouga Magister Flight Manual in English can be found here


I just slewed my view back there with the arrow keys and created a saved view.


Is the Fouga Magister updated to match latest FS update etc? Any common bugs? Thinking of getting it today… Any other older jet you wanna recommend? I’ve got the free Cessna Tweet (I love it) , and the JF Hawk at the moment.

Dave Garwood’s freeware Hawker Hunters are excellent

The prototype Bristol 188 if you wanna go fast

For payware the Aermacchi MB-339 by IndiaFoxtEcho is pretty good and SimSkunkWorks have a Fiat G.91 and two different F-104s that are a bit rough around the edges but still pretty decent.
There’s also a payware Fouga Magister by AzurPoly that I quite enjoy but I feel a bit bad recommending in a thread about a freeware Fouga Magister by a different group :wink: