[Release] Hatay Airport - LTDA - Turkey | StandByArda

(LTDA) Hatay airport is opened in 2007 and renewed in 2011. Airport has 3000 meters runway. Now operated by DHMİ.

For perfect experience, here is the recommended settings:
Traffic > Land and sea traffic > Road vehicles %0

This package includes:

-8K and AO textured 3D Models
-Runway, Park positions and taxiways based on charts
-New aerial image of airport
-Landscaping around the airport. (Parking Lot, Terminal, Apron, Signs, Roads)
-Airport facilities 3D model (even Guesthouses)
-New vegetation
-Special Night Lightning
-And a lot of detail which are waiting for you!

White ground around the airport is really exists. It exists since 2007, It’s because Airport has built over dirty soil. So don’t be surprised or don’t say this is broken :slight_smile: Google Earth Photo

3D Model of Main Terminal: Murat Koncavar