[RELEASE] Just Flight Piper Arrow High Resolution Cockpit overhaul

Hi all!

So we all have been complaining as to how the cockpit in the
Arrow looks great but the textures resolution it’s made of just don’t do it justice. Especially the ceiling and this horrid windshield pillar almost in front of you.

Hence, I’m releasing a much higher resolution overhaul of the cockpit after having tested it on my PC for a bit of time (RTX 2070 Super 8GB, 32GB Ram, Ryzen 5600x, M2 PCIe4 SSD) without that much of an impact on performance. Most of the textures are 8K with two of them going as high as 16K due to how much there is 3D model to cover with those two and how close they are to the viewpoint.

Bear in mind that this is not just a lazy upscale of the original textures with an aggressive sharpen filter slapped on top of it, which wouldn’t look better if not worst. This is an overhaul of all the details in each textures extrapolated from the original blurry details. In my opinion, this makes a world of difference and truly propels this otherwise wonderful plane into what MSFS truly is capable of rendering (and deserving). Some of the base textures used are from Archer374’s clean interior mod, thanks for him.

Obviously, this will have some impact on VRAM and RAM usage, but so far, I haven’t lost much FPS (if any) and it didn’t turn the sim into a stuttering fest. Suffice to say though, a 8GB VRAM is probably going to be a minimum and all those lucky owner of 11+GB VRAM GPU would at least find a way to put their extra VRAM to good use!

To preserve VRAM usage, I also made a set with 8K textures only.


THIS IS ONLY FOR THE NON-TURBO VERSION, the turbo version will come soon after (both blue and creme interiors)

Here are some Hires pictures:


Why post those images to a 3rd party when you could have just uploaded them directly? Kind of a pain to launch a new website to expand each picture.

I’ve just tested it. To save bandwidth, the forum will compress the pictures and you will lose some of the details. This website will not :wink: Those are PNGs, lossless compression, so what you see on those screens is a 100% what you would get on your screen with MSFS, otherwise the compression won’t do it justice


Looks extremely interesting and I don’t mind the picture links at all :wink:

This plane just keeps getting better and better and is on the way about to become the first classic in MSFS …

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Rest in piece my 6GB VRAM, won’t be able to use this sadly…

Very good! Absolute impressive work! Now the Piper Arrow is on my wishlist :slight_smile:

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Very nice! I do t like the default textures at all, this could make it perfect, thanks for your work!

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Fantastic work!

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I’m doing final tweaks and adjustments, as well as making a version for the just released turbo arrow. thanks for your feedback

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Very nice! I’ll be on it.

Will this work on the marketplace version of the arrow in the future?

Awesome work. Is this for the Turbo as well?

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Read post #9 carefully

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Very nice! :heart_eyes_cat:

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Just released, currently pending approval it seems. For the moment, this is only for the non-turbo version. I’m working on the turbo version and it will come soon after.


Nothing should prevent it, it works the same regardless of how you installed the plane.

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cool, where could I download more VRAM?

I’ve made an 8K only version (original textures are 4K) and optimized the two 16K downscaled to 8K textures to retain as much details as possible. Providing you have at least 16GB of RAM and that your virtual memory is set on an SSD, you might be surprised and only have very occasional stutterings on high density sceneries and barely if at all on cruise.

If only VRAM was as simple as a download… :sweat_smile:

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Oh yeah I have 32GB RAM and vmem on my SSD… if it’s only 8K then sure I’d be happy to give 'er a download. Where is it uploaded?
EDIT: found it in the OP’s post