Release Microsoft Force Feedback Periphials

Release new joysticks and yokes with force feedback. The old sidewinder was legendary, lets bring it back.

Force feedback adds a whole other to immerison, combined with VR and the stunning scenery for FS2020, this would almost complete the immersion


I suggest a new Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback 3 or a Yoke and Throttle, since Microsoft has only the gamepad which is more or less for the xbox rather than for PC.

A new MS Sidewinder Force Feedback 3 peripheral could be the ultimate controller produced for the MSFS 2020 and solve all the issues we have seen with other controllers /peripherals (check categories and known issues!)

I +1000 that statement :slight_smile:

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Yes, force feedback yoke, joystick and pedals at affordable prices


You had me, until you said affordable. If they were “affordable”, and that means different things to different people, they may not be any good.

Have a look at the Brunner, for example:

By all accounts a very good yoke. Not as much travel on pitch as my Yoko, but slightly more on roll, and roughly the same price. Affordable? That’s a different question.

Support to the legacy FF Joustsick would be nice, especailly as many still have them, despite no ne wone’s currently in Production.

Sidewinder 2 FF

(a) Recognized by MSFS, but with no specific Sidewinder FF image.
(b) Can be setup and buttons and axis defined,
© No In game support for the FORCE side of things
Importantly, even with 3rd Part addons to do this, no ability in MSFS to turn off the FUDGE trim processing,m needed for the non FF, spring centered joysticks

Thrustmaster TOP Gun FF

(a) Cause CTD within a few seconds of MSFS detecting that it has been plugged in

If plugged in when in Controller setup screen is displayed Briefly, but the CTD.
Its XML config file is never created


Support for the NOSTROMO gaming keypad and its selective keypad configurations would be very welcome as well

The argument of Just go out and my current/new devices does not apply, as you cannot.
Currently, due to Patent Troll, there are no consumer FF Joystick being manufactured, so it the Old ones or nothing,


But still NOT correctly supported in MSFS, because MSFS cannot deal with the TRIM issue, and turn off the MSFS’s internal Trim FUDGE for spring centered devices

I think the most young player dont know that the Microsoft Force Feedback Sidwinder 2 still the best Joystick at this time :v:t2:

nice but not affordable by any means, that’s jewelry for few selected ones

Especially after a few user Mods – like adding a few resistors to make the forces stronger, and having either XPforce for FSForce … GAME (SIM) changers !!

True, but that was kind of my point. I think its a bit of stretch to expect to get a force feedback joystick/yoke, make it affordable, and make it good, and is probably an unrealistic expectation.

If it’s cheap, there will likely be some compromise somewhere, either in materials used, or in its features.

Not so … They are available, and for very little, used Ebay

some sub $100 if you catch one at the right time.

they are getting Sought after, so there is already a lot of price Gouging

Note: there is both a FF & Non FF version of the MS Sidewinder.
Obviously the FF are more costly, but NOTHING compared with the cost of a gaming PC !!

I think they were referring specifically to the Brunner. If they have one on Ebay for $100 I may be interested. :slight_smile:

I still use my decrepit ol Logitech G940…REALLY hope they get back in the game with new FF hardware (especially now that we know effects can be injected).

I was obviously reponding to hobanagerik about the Brunner hardware

Brunner and similar hardware are expensive because they sell in small numbers and are made with quality parts.
A Saitek/Logitech FF yoke would cost a lot less and please the vast majority of simmers but I’m dreaming

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I’m using my FF2 joystick with XPForce in MSFS. It works, but it is no where near having Force feedback ENDORSED by MSFS. XPForce is a band aid…in my opinion. Having FF endorsed and having Russell Dirk’s FSForce software applied makes for a wonderful force feedback experience. I have never stopped using the Microsoft FF2 joystick since it was introduced. I have purchased several of them from Ebay because they are not manufactured anymore.
MICROSOFT…PLEASE manufacture a new FF joystick. It will sell unbelievably well. Guaranteed! As a matter of fact, ALL joysticks are selling well; it’s hard to buy one these days.
Force feedback provides a great experience on takeoff, on landing, and hopefully some day, will actually provide some feedback from turbulence.
It is time. Don’t delay on this product that will certainly change the way we fly MSFS.

You got a link or something pls?

vote here: Force feedback support

For XPForce? Just Google XPForce. Sorry, I said XForce in my response. It’s XPForce.