RELEASE: MilViz Corsair for MSFS

Yes. I actually read that. And the expected release date before that. And the one before that… also take note of the title of this thread.

But hey! I‘m a software engineer myself, so I know what they are talking about :wink: And my question was hence not all that serious (as indicated by the duck and cover).

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MilViz gave ME a product which earned my trust.
I am flying it happily even without any update.
Will gladly buy blindfolded any product they make in the future.


The Corsair is my absolute favourite Warbird. Thanks for bringing it to MSFS 2020. Quality is excellent. Can´t wait to get the update.

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Service Pack 1 is now with the testers.


I’m happy to announce that the MSFS Mobile Companion App now supports this great warbird:

In case you didn’t know, the MSFS Mobile Companion App lets you control essential aircraft instruments such as NAV/COM frequencies, autopilot or lights using almost any mobile device, notebook or PC. For the Corsair you’ll get ADF/COM frequencies, engine controls (see image above), light controls, pitot heat & deicing, gear, flaps, dive brake, tail wheel lock and trim controls.

Where can I get it? You can download the MSFS Mobile Companion App for free on GitHub or . It’s free. No ads, no in-app purchases, nothing.

Don’t forget to select the Corsair in the Options tab! The app starts with a default controls profile that doesn’t work very well with the Corsair.

I’d appreciate your feedback! There’s already a separate thread for the app here: Mobile Companion App v1.8 released June/14/2021 - added FG-1D Corsair (MilViz) support and UI improvements [Freeware]

EDIT 06/14/2021: Please make sure you use version 1.8.1 and not 1.8. The version 1.8 was online for a couple of hours and caused CPU performance issues on one thread. Version 1.8.1 fixes this. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Any news about release?

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I wish I knew more about when… but i don’t… sorry.

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I plan to get the corsair when SP is released

Can you list out the changes in SP?

How’s the SP testing going? Any updates?


good enough for me that you’re making the corrections.
take whatever time it takes and Thank You for doing the Chance Vought Corsair properly and with care.

Latest update was that SP should come in a few days, provided that testers dont find any problems. This update was made on tuesday, so maybe tomorrow? or today? :o

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It’s also been delayed and pushed back several times………

I just answered a question regarding the latest update on the SP that milviz has posted. Everyone knows it has been delayed many times…

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Why did milviz reduce the size of the corsair by 7 percent?

Because people were complaining that it’s too big.


At least they aren’t doing what ASOBO has done so many times in the past. Just release whatever mess they have at the time. Milviz is taking the time to DO IT RIGHT! Maybe take a lesson from Milviz ASOBO. This aircraft is one of the best add ons for the Sim and I can’t wait till the SP is released.


Am i wrong or is the Corsair already released and didn’t I pay the full price before waiting for weeks now so it finally gets flyable?

what are you talking about ? It’s perfectly flyable from day 1